This global podcast showcases talented young scientists who with their undeniable enthusiasm for science, dedicated mindset, diligent work and outstanding achievements in the STEM fields are making a lasting impact today for a brighter tomorrow. 


Who are dropping the STEM ? 

The guests are ISEF, EUCYS, SIYSS, RSI & iGEM Alumni


Each year more than 1,800 students from over 80 countries compete at The International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) for nearly $5 million in awards, prizes and scholarships. The Society Alumni include 13 Nobel Prize Award Winners. 

The European Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) is an initiative of the European Commission under the Science and Society programme. It highlights the best of European scientific student achievements from over 40 countries. 

Part of the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS), 25 of the world's foremost young scientists are invited to take part in a unique science and culture program during the Nobel Week. The week features attending Nobel events (invitation to the Nobel Prize Ceremony and meeting Nobel Prize Laureates).

Each summer, 80 of the world's most accomplished high school students gather at MIT for the Research Science Institute. RSI is the first cost-free to students, summer science & engineering program to combine on-campus course work in scientific theory with off-campus work in science and technology research.

iGEM began as an independent study course at the MIT where students developed biological devices to make cells blink. The International Genetically Engineered Machine Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of synthetic biology. Every year nearly 6,000 people present their work and compete at the annual Jamboree in Boston.


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The interviews took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, as the podcast was invited to the European Contest of Young Scientists: EUCYS-2019. New episodes coming soon! 


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Founder, Host & Editor


Hello, hello !

The start of it all

During the duration of the international competitions (ISEF, EUCYS, the Nobel-week) I attended, I noticed that beyond the incredible scientific experience and humbling recognition, something magical happens. Minds permeated with a similar passion for research and concerns for our future are connected on a level never considered imaginable before. 

Few days after my plane landed back home, I had the deep conviction that the impactful conversations we shared should not vanish but be shared with others. Young researchers are not only represented by booth numbers or abstracts; therefore, I am focused on presenting the person "beyond the project board", as well. In the gang, you will see that scientists are talented opera singers, aviation-enthusiast pilots, sports champs, volunteering future-doctors, too to highlight a few.


I hope that the life-stories, innovative research adventures, thought-provoking messages shared on the pod bring encouraging reaction and galvanize impactful action in your life! 


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